Cough No More Extract

This product is absolutely amazing!

This product was absolutely amazing. I believe I have benefited from it durning this time of the Coronavirus. I bought some for my son also. I love the taste of this product.

This stuff is like magic!

Whew!!!! I take Cough No More at the onset of any type or respiratory problem with myself or my children. I take it for 24 hours straight and wake up feeling like a new person! This stuff is like magic!!!!! I will NEVER go back to any store bought , OTC cough syrups. They’re not …

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Tastes so good

This syrup tastes so good I forget it medicinal. lol. But seriously. Take at FIRST sign of a cough, dry throat or any cold like symptoms. My son LOVES it. I keep it on hand at ALL times. You don’t have to get ready, if you stay ready!

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