I have been a customer of In My Garden since 09/20. I was referred by a close family member of mine after letting her know not only was I under the weather, but my whole family was! She heavily insisted we try them out because they were nothing short of a miracle and assured me that everything was natural and safe to take due to me being pregnant. All three of us (including my 2-year-old) Took the “Taint no flu,” “Throat spray,” Vitamin C powder, “Green Magic,” and “Cough No More” we all used the recommended amount; religiously!! And the very next day, not only did my symptoms, but my husband’s (who is a smoker) sore throats were gone! And the cough got tremendously better in a brief amount of time!! I have never tried a product that has done that! After that day, I was and still am a BELIEVER of her products!

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