On December 3rd, 2020, I tested positive for COVID-19. On December 2nd, I lost my taste and smell, not knowing I had Covid until the following day. Knowing how well my garden worked for myself and my family before I decided to stick to what I know, I took all the products as mentioned above for 3 days straight after knowing I was positive. As of December 9th, 2020, I can 100% fully taste and smell again!!!!! I literally encourage everyone to please give her products a chance. I wasn’t a believer initially, but I am glad, and grateful God opened my mind to her products. I honesty believe wholeheartedly they healed me and made my immune system stronger to fight this virus. 🦾 (Also, I forgot to mention, but once I found out I was positive for COVID-19, I also purchased and used her “Liquid PPE.”

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