This class is for anyone who wants to learn the basics of canning. This basic class will teach you how to can fruit, make jams, and jellies. It will focus on:

  • Defining what is food preservation.
  • Terminology and equipment.
  • Canning Safety.
  • How much should you can?
  • Steps to the canning process with demonstration.

This class is for those who are familiar with basic canning and want to create more things that can increase their food supply or have a garden and need a way to put away what you have grown.

  • You will recieve an overview of the things from canning 101.
  • Learn the difference between Hot water bath and Pressure canning.
  • What is PH and why is it important?
  • What gets pressure canned and why?
  • Pressure canner safety.
  • Hands on demonstration.
  • Take home a sample of canned product.
  • Will provide a photo of my spaghetti sauce or either some of my soups and vegetables.

Adjust the line after bread making is the staff of life. Change the paragraph to say this Bread making is a way to incorporate grains in the diet, decrease cost, and improve health. In this class you will focus on:

  • Basic bread making skills.
  • Learn about the components of bread.
  • Proper equipment needed.
  • Types of bread.
  • Hands on demonstration and sample tasting.

Dehydration is one of the most healthful ways of food preservation yet the slowest. This may be a class that appeals to those who feel they have the LEAST amount of time to put away food. The class will teach:

  • What is dehydration?
  • What is the history of dehydration.
  • Why choose this method ?
  • What are the methods of dehydration?
  • What things can be dehydrated?
  • Now what do I do with it?
  • Hands on demonstration and sampling.
  • Also have a photo of some of my dried products to send.

Here we will get an introduction to grains and how to properly store grains in bulk.

  • Review various types of grains.
  • Learn about importance in the diet.
  • Learn about some uses in the daily diet.
  • Learn how to store properly to avoid bugs.
  • Milling demonstration .

(info coming soon)


(info coming soon)

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