Virus Care
Indeed, you don’t feel well. But it’s not clear what’s causing it. You may have a viral infection. Viruses can cause many illnesses, such as the common cold, influenza, fever, rashes, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting, often called “stomach flu.” You may wonder if antibiotic medicines could make you feel better. But antibiotics only treat infections caused by bacteria. They don’t work on viruses.
The Good News
The good news is that viral infections often go away in a few days without medical treatment. In the meantime, there are a few things you can do to make yourself more comfortable.

Follow-up care is a vital part of your virus care treatment and safety. Be sure to make and go to all appointments, and call your doctor or nurse call line if you have problems.

It’s also a good idea to know your test results and keep a list of the medicines you take.

How can you care for yourself at home?
Get plenty of rest if you feel tired.
When should you call for help?
Call 911 anytime you think you may need emergency care. For example, call if:

You have severe trouble breathing.
You passed out (lost consciousness).

Call your doctor or nurse call line now or seek immediate medical care if:

You seem to be getting much sicker.
You have a new or higher fever.
You have blood in your stools.
You have new belly pain, or your pain gets worse.
You have a new rash.


Watch closely for changes in your health, and be sure to contact your doctor or nurse call line if:

You start to get better and then get worse.
You do not get better as expected.

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