Hand and Surface Sanitizer

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Hand Sanitizer – 8oz

This product is a liquid that will decrease infectious agents on our hands. In most settings, handwashing with soap and water is generally preferred over hand sanitizer. Still, when circumstances don’t lend to full-on handwashing, we must have some form of sanitizing.


It’s worth noting that the type of bacteria that resides on our hands requires an alcohol level of about 60%, according to the CDC. Using higher alcohol levels such as 91% and 85% doesn’t do what we think it does. It turns out that lower percentages of alcohol concentration have an active ingredient that is worthwhile, WATER! Using alcohol levels that are too high, destroy the outside of the cell before it can get into the inside and kill the actual germ. 70-75 percent of alcohol in a hand sanitizer is just the right proportion of water and effortlessly zap the entire cell.

“Seventy percent alcohol has some water in it that allows it to cross a cell membrane, to get into the bacteria and kill it.


In most healthcare settings, alcohol-based hand sanitizer is preferable to handwashing with soap and water. Our product is tested and created with 75% Isopropyl alcohol content. Its makeup ensures the harsh treatment of Germs and microorganisms. You can pair this hand sanitizer with our immune boosters to protect yourself inside and out against COVID-19 and the spread of disease!

Directions for use are as follows:

  • Wet hands thoroughly with the product
  • Allow product to dry momentarily
  • Rub hands together to agitate
  • Use product frequently to protect yourself and others

Hand washing is the best use of time in hand hygiene. Our everyday routine doesn’t always allow us to wash our hands as much as we would want to during the day. Sanitizer gives you the freedom in between washes to maintain your safety.

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You can also read about CDC recommendations regarding safe hand sanitizing methods here: CDC guidelines

2 reviews for Hand and Surface Sanitizer

  1. Renee Ezzard (verified owner)

    Great product. I’ve ordered repeatedly. Beautiful packaging.

    • Rochelle N.

      Thanks Renee. It’s nice to know that your Hand Sanitizer will not cause you BODILY HARM isn’t it. No need to put harmful ingredients like
      NO Methanol. NO Methane. NO Benzine NO Propanol-1 in our products. Our Hand sanitizer has ALWAYS been made with TRIED AND TRUE ISOPROPRYL Alcohol 75% according to WHO formulation.
      Hey, did you know that you can spray our sanitizer on surfaces as well as your hands? One product MULTIPLE uses!

  2. Darren Chambers

    With concerns of Covid rising every day, this hand sanitizer has become so important!

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