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As we assess what is happening around us, we also realize that many people are “hurting”. They are Depressed, Anxious, Fearful and many are ANGRY. Angry at many things. The world is in an unstable place right now. We do not have all the answers at IMGHL, but we do want to be a place where you can turn to for not only Physical health but Mental and Spiritual support.

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What is Mental Health?

Mental wellbeing encompasses our emotions, psychological wellbeing, and social wellbeing. It influences our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Additionally, it determines how we cope with stress, interacts with others, and make healthy choices. A person's mental wellbeing is vital throughout their life, from childhood through adolescence to adulthood.

About Us

We have added another team member to our growing group of professionals. As the author of several books, Dr. Porterfield is well versed in dealing with moods and treating Holistically based on Lifestyle and Diet.


Dr. Porterfield has practiced Psychology for many years. Currently, she practices giving care to her clients Holistically. She believes that Mental health is about Choices and Lifestyles.

Our Services

She will treat the following conditions in adults only:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Anger management

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Dr. Magna Porterfield is a licensed psychologist who has a Ph.D. in counseling psychology and also holds a diploma in nutritional consulting. She has taught on the college/university level for several years and was in private practice for thirteen years.  Dr. Porterfield has traveled nationally and internationally to conduct mental health seminars.  She currently conducts online and phone counseling.  Her philosophy is a holistic one, where she seeks to treat her clients from a psychological, spiritual, and lifestyle (diet, sleep, exercise, etc.) perspective. She has also authored books on mental health that focus on these principles. 

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