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Wellness and weight loss have been on the minds of many to better their health. Many have been affected by “COVID WEIGHT GAIN”, and requested services to help. We are listening to your concerns and requests, and so we are pleased to welcome our newest team and family member Keela Carr.

Keela is a Holistic Health practitioner, Nutritional Coach, and Master Personal Trainer AFPA Certified.

She has expertise in areas of Wellness, Nutrition, Personal Training, Functional Fitness, Sports Conditioning, and Fitness for Special Populations. (ie Parkinson and Stroke) and of course WEIGHTLOSS and Lifestyle Coaching.

Keela started her career working in a Physiatry Practice in Maryland. That gave her a phenomenal foundation and passion for what she does today. She has since started and runs her own practice in Florida, “KC Wellness” for many years. She will provide:


  • Nutritional Coaching with sound advice, based on client goals.
  • Construct a foundation for Wellness and Nutrition based on science and Holistic practices.
  • Determine the best weight control diet to meet client goals.


  • Assess the client's body composition and fitness history.
  • Design personalized exercise programs.
  • Identify weak muscle groups that affect optimal performance.
  • Assess Core Stability and balance with recommendations for correction.

We look forward to having Keela/ KC Wellness partnering with IMGHLC. We agree that ‘HEALTH IS WEALTH” So why not schedule a consultation with Keela TODAY and begin to “Find your lost treasure .”

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Keela Carr


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"Let's keep climbing this mountain."

— DT Creative Cutz

"The best way to be proactive is to learn at a young age how to move properly! Very cool to see this."

— Hamrick Health and Wellness

"Can't wait to set up a time and talk about the DETOX!"

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