Green Magic

Amazing Products

Amazing products! I was tested positive for COVID-19. Then I started taking “ in my garden” daily and felt amazing after 4 days! The green magic, taint no flu elderberry, liquid PPE nasal and throat spray nursed me back to health! Please try these products because you will be happy with the results! – Kori …

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It Relieves Pain

Green magic help boost my energy as well as help keep my stress levels down. It relieves pain, I had knee pain for a while and after taking green magic it helped with my pain. It’s all natural and very good stuff!


this STUFF SAVED MY LIFE. I was so run down and ill. I felt like I was going to die. No energy, no strength. After taking this product my color improved, my energy level shot up (no jitters) and my thoughts were clearer. I was able to work the next day. My body temperature leveled …


I don’t go anywhere without it

Listen…I don’t go ANYWHERE without my Green Magic. I’ve actually been using it to create “covid cocktails” where I combine some droppers of the Green Magic with Vitamin C powder and dose up. FANTASTIC if you think you’ve been exposed or just around a lot of people. I’ve used this product for years (my husband …

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One of my Favorite Products

One of my favorite products the “green magic” is nothing shy of that! I always add the recommended amount to not only my water but my 2 year olds water for daily consumption. I always keep it in my purse so I’m never without it! One thing I can attest to is my energy levels …

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