Kidney Lymph Cleanse Program


Sick much? Your lymphatic system is one of your most vital parts. It is your greatest weapon against illness. If you catch every single cold that passes your way, your immune system is definitely depleted and in need of additional support. Cleansing your lymph & kidney systems will improve your energy and have you waving at colds as they pass by instead of catching them.

This program is 100% plant-based, whole foods and designed to help you be more intentional in your consumption of foods that support healthy kidney and lymph function. We pray it is a blessing to you in your health efforts!

Get excited about cleansing one of the most important systems in your body! Your lymphatic system is your strongest weapon of defense against disease prevention. Your body fights hard every single day to keep you alive and having kidneys that function well and an uncongested lymph system is vital.

This program includes:

  • 21 day herbal supply of herbs formulated specifically for the kidneys and lymph system
  • 3 week plant-based meal plan with an intentional focus on foods that support kidney and lymph health

It is important to note that this program is ideal for the person with general cleansing needs. Those with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) should be sure to work with a professional to tweak dietary considerations accordingly. However, there are many foods beneficial to kidney function, while others may interfere.

If you follow this program closely you can expect to experience the following:

  • Weight loss
  • Easier elimination
  • More energy
  • Better response to illness due to a boosted immune system
  • Less bloating and brain fog
  • Increased sense of peace and relaxation
  • Better looking skin



  • Chapparal
  • Poke Root
  • Plaintain Leaf
  • Cleavers Herb
  • Echinacea Root
  • White Oak Bark
  • Prickly Ash Bark
  • Red Root


  • Couchgrass
  • Corn Silk
  • Pipsissewa Leaves
  • Nettle Leaf
  • Coriander Seed
  • Dandelion Root
  • Gravel Root
  • Milk Thistle

Note: You will receive a digital product (PDF file) immediately after purchase (your meal plan). Herbs will be shipped separately within 48-72 hours.


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