Premium Covid Flu Care Package

Premium COVID Flu Care Package

Hello everyone, my name is Amelia Rochelle Narain. Owner and founder of In My Garden Health and Lifestyle Consultant. I am here today to share something with you that I am so excited about. We have had a good summer and we’ve enjoyed it in spite of COVID. But now it is time for us to be mindful of the cold and flu season; on top of COVID coming again. So I am prepared with my Premium COVID Flu Care Package…what about you?

The Premium COVID Flu Care Package has been created just for you! It has many things in it for you. This box includes a face shield. three different types of masks. herbal products, vitamin C packet, pulse oximeter, povidone-iodine spray, herbal sanitizer spray, infrared contactless thermometer, and gloves. How will these products help you during the cold and flu season and help you deal with covid19? Let’s go ahead and review the benefits of each product included in your Premium COVID Care Kit.

Covid Flu Care Package (Product Descriptions)

Types of Masks

Premium COVID Flu Care Package

FACE SHIELD: The importance of the face shield is that even if you wear your mask if something is splashed in your face or in your eyes you can still catch COVID because it permeates. Yes, it can enter through your eyes having the virus get in you causing you to still get sick

NON-MEDICAL MASK: It is a protective mask and most people use it. They do protect you, but not as a higher level of protection from different levels of pollutant viruses like other masks. (Amount included in the box: 5)

MEDICAL MASK: Looks similar to the standard mask. However, it does offer a higher level of protection from different levels of pollutant viruses and it’s actually waterproof! You can pour water on it and it will not seep through. (Amount included in the box: 5)

KN95 MASK: This mask offers an even higher level of protection. (Amount included in the box: 4)

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Herbal & Vitamin Supplements

TAINT NO FLU: This is an alcohol-free elderberry product and is perfect for your cold and flu since it helps to build your immune system.

COUGH NO MORE: Great product in the event that you do begin to get sick and have some symptoms, cough no more has many things in it to help relieve your symptomology.

VITAMIN C PACKET: This is a micro powder, 84 serving packet. You can mix it in water, juice or any preferred drink. It is an amazingly concentrated dose and less than an eighth of a teaspoon is 1000 mg!

Herbal Sprays & Other Products

HAND SANITIZER: Full-size 8-ounce bottle, WHO-Recommended.

POVIDONE IODINE SPRAY: There have been some research studies that have shown that povidone-iodine is excellent. We know that iodine kills the Covid19 virus. It kills other viruses too but they have come up with povidone-iodine in a spray form. We used to use povidone to kill all types of things. Surgeons also use it pre-surgery to help sterilize the environment. Our product is a nasal and throat spray.

SANITIZING HERBAL SPRAY:  This is a sanitizer with antiviral herbs for surfaces as well as air. You can even spray it on food! When you are talking to someone you can spray it in the air in front of you and around those who are talking to you. And not to mention, has a wonderful smell!

PULSE OXIMETER: Using it on your finger, pulse oximetry is good for checking your oxygen level which is something that can decrease when you have the Covid19 virus.

INFRARED CONTACTLESS THERMOMETER: This helps to check another person’s temperature while avoiding physical contact.

GLOVES: Helps to avoid direct contact with products or surfaces that may be infected with the covid19 virus or other viruses and/or bacteria.

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Are You Ready?

I fully believe that if you get this box, you will be prepared with your herbal supplement products to help build your immune system and help prevent Covid19 and you have your PPE equipment to help protect you as you move about in a public environment.

COVID/Flu Self Care Premium Box

I am thankful that I get the opportunity to share this with you and I am excited about it. There are two other smaller kits but right now our focus is on the Premium Kit. This is the Best Buy for your dialer and I will recommend that you buy it today. Get this kit for yourself and be safe.

This is Amelia Narain of In My Garden Health and Lifestyle. You can go and get your kit today at and click on COVID Care Kit. Take care, God bless and be safe.

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Covid/Flu Premium Prevention Kit

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